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5 Must-Have Features In Your Car Navigation System

With so many different brands of GPS and navigation system for cars out there, it can be really difficult for people new into this technology to find the right one that fits their preference and budget. Obviously, you want to the best bung for your buck, but you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles that you won’t even use on a regular basis. Experts of car navigation systems Atlanta has today share their thoughts on the features you really need to have in your car’s GPS.

Make Sure Entering Destinations Is Easy
This one is pretty basic, but many people overlook. Entering the destination you want to get information of should be effortless in your car’s navigation system. Most models use POI (point-of-interest) programming, helping motorists find the nearest landmarks for their destination, such as tourist attractions, gasoline station, restaurant and other significant spots and structures. The database of this information ranges from basic to huge.
It Should Be Interactive, or At Least Communicates With
Navigation systems for cars must be interactive to give easy real-time information you need as you drive in your car. Or at least, it should be able to give clear audible and visual directions.
navigation systems for cars

navigation systems for cars

When shopping for GPS for your vehicle, check how well it gives directions through its speakers. Notice how it uses street names. Some devices have Text-to-Speech function in direction instead of distance. Some even tell you what lane you need to be in to ensure you get the right turns at the right time.
If you’re watching the map’s on screen direction, make sure the font type and size are legible for you. Maps should show directions using realistic visuals and should have easy-to-read directions.
It Should Have a Pre-Loaded Map Database
When GPS systems were first introduced for automobiles, car owners had to load the maps to the device using CDs or them from the internet. Today however, most GPS are pre-installed with map database or come with an SD card that has the information. However, you need to double check if the device has the preloaded database of your area and know the areas it covers. Some devices also offer map updates, as road systems change.
Some devices also even have routing options, helping you avoid toll roads, closed roads or restricted routes, give you multi-destination routes, and even re-routing indicator that helps you calculate a new route when you miss a turn.
Get a Screen Size that Suits Your Preference and Fits with Your Vehicle 
A couple of years ago, the average screen sizes of navigation systems for cars are around 4.3 inches (vertical). Nowadays, screen sizes ranges from 3.5 inches to 7 inches, which is enough to fit most vehicles. Obviously, larger screens are easier to read and use, but they can take a lot of space in the car.
Helpful and Convenient Features
Other helpful and convenient features includes traffic information, with real-time traffic updates (this may require subscription), gasoline prices in different places (also require subscription), weather reports, music player, video player where you can play videos saved from your SD card, iPod interface that lets you control your iPod through the GPS touch screen, WiFi connectivity, cellular connectivity, and Bluetooth hands-free calling. Some advanced systems include blinder laser jammers and radar detectors.
For more information about the latest navigation systems for cars and easy and hassle-free GPS installations, visit today!

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Medium Duty Trucks – Ideal and Smart for small loads

Medium duty trucks are ideal choices when you wish to carry small loads. They are a smart choice as a medium duty carrier.

UD trucks are available in two primary ranges:

·        MK Range, constructed to 11,000 kg GVM

·        PK range which can hold up to 15,500 to 16,500 kg GVM

These types of Japanese semi trucks are available in both heavy trucksand medium duty trucks, which are ideal as city carriers, and offer operation and functionality all over the state, with ample capacity, for business purposes particularly.


·        Effortless operation

·        Affordable

·        Reliable

·        Durable

·        Eco friendly operation

If you are looking for semi trucks Australia has many providers which can offer the same. Also, you need to know that these operate in 2 optional MK ranges, which vary in their horsepower. The power employed is 180 – 206 kW, which comes in power range of 2500 rpm. The best feature is that the client can tailor the model’s specifications according to their requirements. It is highly sought after for its delivery of power, which is highly efficient and smooth, making the drive easy and comfortable.

Features of the cab design:

·        Ergonomic

·        Airbag at steering wheel

·        Air suspended seats

·        Latest MM unit enabled with Bluetooth and GPS system.

UD trucks that fall in PK range are particularly designed to be employed for tougher jobs. The truck is a carrier, ideal for tough tasks and comes with high efficiency and durability on driveline. It is very comfortable, driver-convenient and secure.PK range UD trucks are designed in GVM 15,500 to 16,500 kilos capacities.

PK range of trucks work on 6-cylinder engines, which are particularly built for high quality, and excellent torque and power ranges. They are designed up to 280 horse power and torque of up to 883Nm. These ranges of power and torque allow them to perform even the toughest task with great ease and very much convenient for the driver.

The truck has 2 options of suspensions, which are air and leaf suspensions. The clients can choose any, based on their requirements. Not only that, these can be tailored to offer other features or specifications that the client might need.

Be it MK range or PK range in the medium duty kind of UD trucks, gradeability, durability, convenience, efficiency, quality  and several other added features are assured and they are suitable for any kind of business need or application.

Other specifications that come in PK range are 4×2 axle configuration and Gross combination mass of up to 32,000kg.

Medium duty trucks of both MK and PK range have been on the market since 1973 and are popular for their dependability and strength. They are ideally designed for long distances and to withstand environmental conditions of the place rightly.

Their design and manufacturing standards are of high quality and comply with the current market standards of Japan. They are available in latest equipped multimedia set up, making driving easier and comfortable.

Above all this, the packages offered for sale are highly exceptional. Their packages comprise of road-assistance, service agreements, general and extended warranties etc. For more information visit at

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The basic utilities of team building challenges

Team building challenges are useful in developing a special kind of feeling in human beings, which can improve the personality of the individuals. Experts say that these challenges are quite important for improving human life.

Why are the team building challenges required?

·         One of the main reasons for facing team building challenges is to learn the power or strength of unity. Unity is as an essential aspect, without which common goals or objectives cannot be fulfilled. This is best applied in organizations or companies which aim to establish unity in the group at all times.

·         These challenges will also help you to know your strong points so that you can get motivated towards any specific task.

·         The tasks will be easily completed with the united efforts of a team, and this is why you are always suggested to work in teams, rather than individual efforts.

·         Your social interaction or communication can be improved to a great extent by means of the same. In this case, you will also come to know about different unknown individuals and their strengths.

·         You can feel more confident when you start working in teams and succeed in all kinds of activities.

·         Different kinds of critical challenges can be easily faced at any time, that too without any fear, and this is possible only if you work in teams.

·         Proper coordination and understanding can be created, which is really a positive sign. Furthermore, you can also develop a helping nature within yourself.

·         You are also able to improve your personal and social skills, and this is one of the greatest advantages in this regard.

·         You feel much more motivated and enthusiastic to complete any task with speed.

How to acquire the ability of team-building?

Team building challenges are quite useful in improving the overall personality and attitude of a person. You can learn how to build a reliable team and even guide the same. You got to take part in different kinds of outdoor activities where team work is required. This is why, nowadays, small kids are influenced and encouraged by their parents to take part in more and more outdoor activities to understand the value of working in teams. This way, a great feeling of togetherness can be easily and conveniently developed, and hence, the social skills and interaction between the kids can be improved and developed.

team building challenges

There are different team-building games or events that are usually organized for boosting togetherness, and these activities can even be joined by adults and young fellows apart from small kids for getting the same benefits. Different forms of motivations are provided in the form of reward points or other incentives so that the team members can remain enthusiastic and complete the task with full energy, concentration and dedication. You can also join any club where all the club members are encouraged to play different games in teams. These kinds of outdoor activities are quite interesting, and you can be relieved from the tiresome schedule of regular tasks.

Hence, why not join one such activity where you can learn the art of working in teams. After all, no man is an island.

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