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How does the practice management software operate? Does it resemble outlook? Law firms exploring the practice management program for the first time often ask these questions. Basically, this program is a huge expandable file containing items that sit on your desktop. Inside the program are subfolders of each client’s documents, phone slips, email messages and contact addresses. Instead of having to hunt for this information, you can easily access it on your PC using the practice management program. Unlike outlook, which is individualized (all emails are listed to or from a specific individual), practice management systems are matter-centric. Information regarding cases is placed in one electronic place. This means that everyone working on the case will have access to it. This is just one of the benefits you’ll get if you install the best practice management software in your law firm.

practice management software

Emails and attachments

Email is possibly the most important tool in the professional life of a lawyer. Organizing email is not only hectic but also time consuming. Imagine the amount of time you’d waste trying to organize thousands of messages in your outlook inbox. The mere thought of it is frightening. When it comes to practice management program, all your emails are saved based on specific matters. You only need to type the specific matter and the email pops up. Besides that, everyone involved in the case can access the email from wherever he/she is. Email attachments are also simplified with the practice management program. The enhancement of the communication network within the office by itself is worth investing in the software.

Scheduling and group calendar

Scheduling and calendaring are core element in law firms. The benefit of the practice management program is that you get to schedule conference rooms, create group calendars and even see other people’s calendars. You can also track limitations, control court docketing and even create chains of dates linked to your colleagues. If you are able to do all this successfully, your firm matters will be organized and centralized and you don’t have to worry about deadlines falling through the cracks.

Centralized tasks and assignments

Gone are the days when lawyers used to delegate tasks to their secretaries. In fact, you might soon do away with your secretary and make your practice manager software your “secretary”. The practice management software allows you to delegate tasks to you assistants, paralegals and associates. You’ll also get to monitor the degree of completion of the tasks electronically and when necessary bug people. The more you’re able to complete assignments, the more you’re able to create them. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Secure instant messages and phone messages

Are you forced to yell across the room about waiting clients or phone calls? Do you arrive in the office and find yellow stickies pasted on your desk? How to organize tiny slips of papers without losing them? Let’s face it, keeping track of the office operations can be a big headache. A great benefit of the practice management program is that you are able to review your phone call messages and link them to the contact details of the party who called and to the relevant matter on your computer. The software has an instant messaging system which allows you to receive notification pops up on your computer. Check us out at

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