4 Types of Refrigeration Units Your Business Might Need

If you are planning on running a restaurant or some other type of food business, you will need a few different kinds of refrigeration units. There are types that you will need for keeping food fresh and others that are used to help keep drinks cold, among others. To purchase these items, you will have to find display fridges for sale, drink refrigerators for sale, and other refrigeration units from reputable suppliers. Where can you find these sellers and what other refrigeration units will you need for your food business apart from the ones mentioned above? Here are some of the more commonly used cooling units food businesses buy and use:
  • Reach-in coolers – these are your standard refrigeration units and are often upright systems that keep food and beverage cold. At home, these are refrigerators that come with a freezer but for businesses, freezers and coolers come in separate units. Most reach-in coolers for food businesses come with a clear glass door so people can easily see what’s inside without the need to open the door.
  • Chest freezer – this is often used by businesses who need to keep a lot of items frozen. You can find a lot of these in convenience stores that sell ice cream, tube ice, and many other products that need to be kept at sub-zero temperatures. These can also be found in smaller restaurant kitchens and cafeterias and is used for freezing meat, poultry, and even leftovers. If you are running a food processing business that makes items like sausages, hams, and other similar items, you might need to find an industrial freezer for sale since you will require a lot of space for your products. Click here at Cold Display Solutions to see more.
  • Display refrigeration – also called merchandising units, these refrigerators can be seen in a lot of convenience stores, bakeshops, and delis. These hold items like chilled cakes, salads, beverages, and sandwiches. These allow customers to pick the item they want to buy immediately without asking for assistance. If you have a food business that allows customers to do this, you will need to find display fridges for sale or for lease for your enterprise.
  • Bar refrigeration – for businesses who serve liquor and other alcoholic drinks in bottles that need to be served chilled, bar refrigerators are a must. These are similar in design to reach-in coolers but are smaller and have racks that are used specifically for drinks. These can come in two standard designs, the high boys and the low boys. Low boys are typically shorter than the high boys, with the latter coming up to the waste of the user.
Where to Find Refrigeration Units Your Business Needs Once you determine what kinds of refrigeration units your business requires, you can start your search for the specific items that you have to get. You can choose to either purchase or lease these pieces of equipment. To find display fridges for sale and other cooling units you need, the internet is your friend. All you need to do is to use the right search terms in your favourite browser to locate sellers of these items near you. For example, you can use the phrase “commercial fridges for sale Melbourne” in your browser if your business is in Melbourne and you need a commercial refrigeration unit for your company. You will find numerous suggestions for companies that can sell this to you. You can also ask friends in the industry where they bought their own cooling equipment or if they can help you find a cheap freezer for sale for your business. There are suppliers that specialize in providing food businesses with these types of equipment and you can easily find the units you need with them. One such supplier you can contact for all your refrigeration needs is Cold Display Solutions. Cold Display Solutions has a wide array of refrigerators, freezers, and coolers that you can pick from. Don’t have enough to purchase the units you need? They also offer leasing and rent to own options. All you need to do is to visit their site to check out what they have or contact them for more information on the refrigeration units you need. See more at to learn more.