Tips on Selecting the Right Gold Coast Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be taxing both mentally and emotionally. It is a hard pill to swallow especially if there are children involved. The divorce process is made more complex by the court process. Typically, the court has to be involved with the issues of division of asset as well as child custody and support. Understanding these procedures can be baffling; a good divorce lawyer can be a great resource. Gold Coast, like many other parts of Australia, has increasing cases of divorce. This has contributed to the drastic increase in the number of divorce lawyers in the region. However, finding the right divorce lawyer is not an easy thing. You need to make sure that your lawyer has exceptional skills to represent you in the best way possible and meet all your expectations. The tips below will help you to choose the very best Gold Coast divorce lawyer:


Appropriate skills and experience

You want a Gold Coast divorce lawyer with the legal skills and knowledge to get the job done effectively. If you are simply negotiating your divorce agreements, the lawyer needs to be sociable, problem solver and adept to compromise. If you are headed for the court trial, your attorney needs to have substantial courtroom experience. Dealing with a divorce lawyer familiar with family law judges will be an added advantage. They will know the judge who is likely to hear your case and develop a legal strategy based on the behavior of that particular judge.

Personal compatibility

When it comes to divorce matters, your lawyer will do more than just the paperwork, he will ask for details of your finances, personal live and many other details of your marriage. For this reason, you need to choose a divorce lawyer Gold Coast professional with whom you feel comfortable to share this information with. A good divorce lawyer should share and support your attitude and philosophy towards your divorce. If the connection with the attorney does not feel right from the first encounter, consider another option.


While local market conditions such as competition, demand and supply are known to affect lawyer charges, there may be significant variations of charges. Generally, it is said that established Gold Coast divorce lawyers charge more. However, the quality of representation or services you get may or may not be worth the high price they charge. There are many divorce lawyers Gold Coast experts who are highly experienced and skilled yet offering reasonable charges. A divorce attorney in this category can be an excellent choice.


The location of your divorce attorney might or might not be important depending on the prevailing circumstances. It is always advisable to visit your lawyer’s office to meet and discuss your case. Keep in mind that if the lawyer’s office is too far from the courthouse, you will have to cater for his travel time. If you are working or residing far apart from your lawyer, he can still represent you remotely. With technology-enabled communication systems such as Skype, you can still hold your meetings conveniently.  For more details, just visit

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