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Crime has existed since the beginning of time. That is why laws were set to guide as well as guard both offenders and defendants because after all, everyone has rights which must be respected. Criminal law therefore refers to crimes and established punishment that is suitable for each. These crimes are categorized depending on their nature and can be referred to as felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies include misconduct which is punishable by not less than one year and in extreme cases, death. For an individual interested in studying law, they could check out criminal law Perth offers.

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A number of states subdivide felonies into various classes depending on degrees of punishment. There are certain crimes which do not amount to felony and are referred to as violations or misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is described as misbehavior that can be punished by not more than one year in prison. Lesser offenses like parking infractions and traffic are referred to as violations and constitute criminal law. A student who wishes to pursue law may check out criminal law Perth offers available.

Judges and magistrates may refer to criminal procedures hence rules that control how a given criminal case is supposed to be handled. Generally, rules set within the criminal procedure may not define violations of law but instead set out the progression of a given case through the court system. A number of criminal cases start with an arrest. However, before a police arrests someone, they have to give possible causes or reasons for their action. After that, a defendant is informed of the charges against them. An individual has rights to request a lawyer or attorney. At the same time, there are provisions to seek an arraignment. This procedure applies to all criminal cases. For one interested in knowing more about law studies, it would be beneficial to find out Criminal law Perth offers that could be ideal for them.

To defendants, rules governing the criminal procedure are of utmost importance because they ought to assure alleged defendants of their constitutional guarantees since one charged with a crime can face very severe consequences. These could be; imprisonment hence loss of liberty, paying heavy fines as well as costs incurred by courts, denial of certain freedoms like that of voting or carrying given weapons. For someone with an interest in knowing more about law, there are criminal law in Perth offers to look at.

Once someone has been charged with a crime, it does not mean they do not have rights. The law protects both parties and in case a defendant feels a criminal procedure might have been violated, they have the right to challenge it. If a police officer recorded statements from a defendant without Miranda warnings, the court can suppress the evidence or throw it out all the same. To be well versed with the rights of individuals, one could find out what  is currently on offer from  Perth criminal law.

Some crimes require intent like kidnapping and battery. The element of intent can be fulfilled if the defendant was aware they were committing crime yet went ahead to do so. In other crimes, there is need to identify specific intent of the defendant before the court passes out judgment. All in all, the study of criminal law is very interesting.

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